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We strive to create universal access to genomic knowledge 

Free My Genome consists of two legal entities 

Special challenges require a special approach. Fighting against the status quo we are working together with stakeholders from all over the field in both the Netherlands and abroad.

  • Human Genome Foundation attracts funding and guarantees that the venture stays faithful to its goals.
  • Human Genome Holding oversees the finances and IP, and directs the venture’s activities. Executes and/or participates in projects and partnerships with the goal to develop a technical infrastructure. 

The board of the Human Genome Foundation consists of board members, of whom some are appointed on behalf of the supervisory board of various European Patient Organizations. The board brings together the perspectives of patients, professionals, lawyers (patent, etc.), financiers and entrepreneurs, and serves as the board of directors of the Human Genome Holding. Management and the board are advised by the Advisory Board of leading genetic experts, entrepreneurs and scientists.

Our approach: focussing on people, the community and meaningful impact 

Whereas others see problems, we see solutions. Whereas others focus on this fragmented, broken and deeply dissociated systems. We focus on people and the abundance of knowledge around us to create a better future. Imagining this new world, we believe that people should have self-ownership over their genomic data. Being empowered to share their data to accelerate research! We are using a community approach to engage with citizen’s, provide trust and create awareness about the importance of this topic.



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Human Genome Foundation is an initiative in close cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Health and the Major Alliance.

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