Our mission is to provide ultimate access to genetic knowledge to every person on earth. To let people take control over their own health and their children. There is an abundancy of genomic knowledge around us that we currently do not use in practice. Knowledge to protect people against developing diseases, better and faster disease detection and to provide personalised medication and treatment. The rise of improved genomic diagnostics and next-generation DNA sequencing diagnostics and software the scientific community has proven the value of access to genomic data to save billions of lives. However, this knowledge is locked-up into the system as genomic data is stored within fragmented silos of third parties. 

Disruptively changing our future for the better

The foundation was founded to seize the opportunity that arose from the Human Genome Project the international effort that successfully deciphered the entire human genetic code. Despite that accomplishment, scientists knew they still lacked a clear understanding of the genetic basis of disease, and how to translate that understanding into more effective prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

To reach these goals, it was clear that more innovative approaches have to be taken. The traditional academic model of institutions owning people’s genomic data, being used in local individual laboratories working within their specific disciplines was not designed to meet the emerging challenges of genomics and personalised health. To gain a comprehensive view of the human genome and it’s revolutionairy potential, they instead had to work in a highly integrated fashion.

Embedded in this new approach to doing science, are our values including:

  • Providing universal access to genomic knowledge to every person on earth
  • Placing the key to unlock the potential of DNA in the hands of every human
  • Propelling the understanding and treatment of disease
    Human Genome Foundation is empowering a revolution in biomedicine to accelerate the pace at which the world conquers disease.
  • Collaborating deeply
    Human Genome Foundation is a mission-driven community that brings together individuals, patients, families, doctors and researchers along with collaborators, the United Nations, Human Rights Movement and social responsible organisations around the world.
  • Reaching globally
    Human Genome Foundation is committed to addressing medical challenges across the world, including collaborating with scientists and public health experts to address important needs in developing countries
  • Empowering people 
    Human Genome Foundation fosters an environment in which people are empowered to pursue bold ideas with transformative potential.
  • Building partnerships
    Human Genome Foundation works to build and sustain international consortia to speed discovery in areas including genomics and personalised health and food. 
  • Sharing data and knowledge
    Human Genome Foundation is committed to making the extensive data, methods, and technologies it generates rapidly and readily accessible to the scientific community to drive biomedical progress around the world.
    (Read about our principles towards a sustainable future)
  • Promoting inclusion
    Human Genome Foundation believes that progress in sustainable health requires a fully inclusive community across sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and gender identity. 

Whereas other see problems, we see solutions. 

Whereas others focus on this fragmented, broken and deeply dissociated systems, we focus on the abundance of available knowledge around us to create a new improved system. We aim to free-up the data by providing ultimate access to genetic knowledge to every person on this planet. In 2030 we want that all people have access and control over their genomic data and the ability to share their data with researchers around the world to find new and better cures. And to accelerate the speed of research with at least 10.000 times!

We will make sure that you can access your genomic data soon

The material that makes us human – our blueprint – the person we are.

Currently there is

More Knowledge

There is more knowledge about genetics to prevent disease than what we use in clinical practice.

No Awareness

This knowledge is not reaching the people. They do not know the relevance for their health and that of their children.

No Access

People do not have access to their genetic data. The same is true for researchers. Data does not get shared but remains stored in fragmented silos.

We bring change in the form of


to induce change

We focus on people. We believe that awareness will help people to see how to make better use of this knowledge. And how people can access their genetic data and how sharing of data will help them, their children and other families to find new and better cures. Because nothing in the world is more powerful than togetherness and mutual support.


the path to sustainable health

Educate and empower people to take their health into their hands. We want to improve education to let people better understand how insights into their DNA will help them to become old healthier. And how based on the knowledge anno 2017, we can protect people from developing diseases by taking early preventive measures.


to influence the right decisions

Through targeted public interventions, the Foundation helps shape public discussion of global issues and threats. By telling the truth about what happened to people, families and how this could have been prevented aim to increase awareness and mobilize society. And to show how the future of healthcare will be in this more fair and sustainable world.

Safely own your genomic data to save your life and your children. Our future

Self Ownership of genetic data and the ability to share data is an inalienable human right. Solving this crisis is not a question of politics, its a question of our own autonomy and dignity.

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