UN Sustainable Development Action Plan 2017/2030


Accelerating the transition to Sustainable Health

In 2030 we want all humans to have access and control over their genomic data.

Providing people the ability to share their data with other patients, doctors and researchers around the world to find new and better cures. And to accelerate the speed of research with at least 10.000 times!

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The Foundation has only recently been founded in June 2017. Previous months we have defined our mission/vision and our strategy and have surrounded ourselves with patients advocates and experts from the field to advise us.

Though, the foundation has already gained both national and international interest from both the government and the scientific community. We have been invited as speaker on various conferences. 


Awareness to induce change. We focus on people. We believe that awareness will help people to see how to make better use of this knowledge. And how people can access their genetic data and how sharing of data will help them, their children and other families to find new and better cures.

 We want to write a book about how using the abundance of knowledge about genomics will improve lives of billions of people worldwide. Organize a knowledge-exchange mission to a less developed country to spread knowledge about this topic to citizens, doctors and researchers in local areas.



Presenting Declaration of self-ownership over genomic data to the UN. 

Awareness. Education. And Advocacy. Through targeted public interventions, the Foundation helps shape public discussion of global issues and threats. By telling various stories about what happened to people, families and how this could have been prevented aim to increase awareness and mobilize society.

And to show how the future of healthcare will be in this more fair and sustainable world. 


Educate and empower people to take their health into their hands. We want to improve education to let people better understand how insights into their DNA will help them to become old healthier. And how based on the knowledge anno 2017, we can protect people from developing diseases by taking early preventive measures.

 Expand our activities in more than 10 countries. 


Unlock the power of personalised health worldwide. 


 Unlock the power of personalised health worldwide. 


Unlock the power of personalised health worldwide. 


Ultimate access to genetic knowledge worldwide. Entering the next era of healthcare!

Special missions to establish the SDGs

For less than 20.000 euros you can sponsor an entire knowledge-exchange mission abroad.

Acknowledgement of the importance of access to genetic knowledge by governments and the UN.

Engage with the previous UN director and  former WHO director general.

Present mission to World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.

International collaboration to reduce the burden of Genetic Disorders in India.

Indians, representing about one-sixth of the world population, consist of several thousands endogamous groups with strong potential for genetic diseases.

Special Mission: Explore the Chinese Genomics era.

“Mass DNA collection by powerful companies in absence of effective privacy protections or an independent judicial system is a perfect storm for abuse”

-Sophie Richardson, China director at HRW.

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